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Hello! My name is Jhean, the founder of TransEdit It, a translation company serving law firms, businesses, non-profits, and immigrants. Established in 2023, TransEdit It embodies over a decade of my journey as a professional translator. With a B.A. in translation & interpreting and extensive experience across various industries or areas including diplomacy, banking, legal, immigration, politics, and democracy, I am proud to lead a team of qualified, diverse translators who strongly believe translation is more than just words in a sentence or paragraphs. 

TransEdit It blends human expertise and knowledge with technology to ensure swift and accurate translations without compromising quality or risking confidentiality. While most of our work is done in-house for English-Spanish translation assignments, we also rely on a network of qualified translators selected based on our client’s unique needs and language requirements. 

We are committed to accuracy, clarity, and effective communication. As translation professionals, we think out of the box, which explains our cautious approach to technology, especially machine translation. Similarly, we embrace AI, but as professionals, we are prudent about its use and are fully aware of its faults and the risks it poses to organizations like yours. 

Thus, we do not settle for less, nor should your organization. Our company embraces professional translation to help you grow and achieve more. TransEdit It is a place where professionalism, ethics, and accuracy are not just priorities, but guiding principles that help us serve you better and more efficiently.

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The American Translators Association
The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

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