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Jhean Cabrera

The translation of legal, official, or critical documents is a serious business, and what might seem like minor errors can have huge repercussions. 

Effective communication enhances mutual understanding and leads to exceptional results.

My name is Jhean. I have brought individuals and organizations closer to their goals for over a decade. How? By ensuring they engage in effective communication whenever they need to do it using translation.

People may have plans, strategies, and a perfect message to get where they want to, but they often fall short when communicating with others, leading to unwanted results.

One idea perfectly translated is worth a thousand words.

Take the stress and mystery out of the translation process with the help of a reliable professional. And if you are looking for another language pair, I might be able to help too.

Although I operate as an independent translator focusing on English-Spanish translations, I collaborate closely with numerous trusted colleagues and offer project management services for multiple language pairs.

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Professional memberships:

The American Translators Association
The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida

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