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[ Take the stress out of the translation process by entrusting your documents to a friendly, dependable, detail-oriented professional. ]

Legal, business, and official documents

→ Are you a law firm?

Effective communication is critical for building trust and explaining things clearly to a prospective Spanish-speaking client.

If you hire a professional capable of bridging cultural differences and transcending language barriers, you will develop a strong attorney-client relationship.

If the information contained in an email or in an affidavit is translated effectively, you will get a bigger picture of the evidence at hand, giving you an advantage.

As your translation partner, I’ll help you develop trust, win cases, improve your reputation, and build a lasting, successful career.

→ Are you a business?

Successful businesses know how important it is to be on the same page as their non-English speaking staff and business partners.

Communicating well in Spanish could mean you avoid costly legal misunderstandings, close major deals, or boost the efficiency of your production line.

→ Are you an individual needing help with official documents?

Any dealings with the US immigration system by non-US citizens or residents require the help of professional translators who understand the immigration system, use the proper terminology, and ensure accuracy. 

With years of experience translating personal/official documents, I provide certified translations for filing cases with the immigration authorities and other institutions in the United States.

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International development and current affairs

Are you an NGO that has produced a report on Latin America?

Or the author of an essay or book focused on bringing about meaningful change, wanting to reach a growing Spanish audience?

Accurate translations done by a specialized linguist can ensure your report, book, or essay has the impact it’s worthy of.

Because in the national and international arenas, effective communication can prevent or even end conflicts. Its potential should never be underestimated.

Up-to-date with all the relevant terminology and developments in the international development sector, rely on me to provide translations that do the original justice.

Areas of expertise:

Translation project management

Depending on the nature of your project, I won’t always be the best translator for the job, or for all aspects of the job.

I offer English-Spanish translations, but you might require other language combinations.

There are projects where you will need both legal and medical translators, or both legal and technical translators. Good translation project management is critical in such cases.

Even if I’m not the right fit for the actual translation, you can rely on me to find the perfect linguist or linguists to collaborate with from a pool of qualified professionals.

I’ll then manage the project for you, from start to finish. Let me handle your project so you have one less thing to juggle.

Contact me with details of your project to find out more about my project management services.

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